Ep 95: Navigating ADHD and Anxiety Through EFT Tapping with Theresa Lear Levine

What is Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and how can we use it to heal from trauma and release old patterns?

Theresa Lear Levine is a master EFT practitioner, entrepreneur and mom of four who helps clients release their trauma and limiting patterns so that they can become more present, feel happier and get aligned with their values and vision for the future.

After dealing with her own struggles with ADHD and high functioning anxiety, she learned effective ways to get unstuck and create a different outcome for herself. In our conversation, we talk about EFT – or emotional freedom technique – and how our emotions often store themselves in the body.

Theresa shares ways we can use EFT to quiet our busy minds, tips for creating affirmations for ourselves that we actually believe in, and daily habits we can all incorporate to help us regulate our nervous systems.

If you’d like to get access to the exclusive EFT session that Theresa and I did after the show recording (the topic was “feeling overwhelmed” so I’m sure it could help you, as we all feel that way from time to time!), simply send an email to Theresa at theresa@theresalearlevine.com¬†with the subject line “Wellness and Wanderlust” and she’ll send you that private session right¬†away!

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