Ep 96: Transforming Your Relationship with Money with Marita Rae Hansen

How can we improve our financial wellness and transform our relationships with money?

Our guest for this week is Marita Rae Hansen, a Money and Mindset Coach who helps young professionals find financial freedom and build the lifestyle they’ve always dreamed of. We all grew up with our own money stories that shape the way we handle our finances, and Marita shares how we can rewrite those stories to create a better future for ourselves. 

We talk about the role of mindset in our money management, how a gratitude practice can play into our finances, methods of debt repayment, and tips for uncovering our values in relation to money. Marita also shares her tips for negotiating and advocating for yourself, and she even has a free playbook for our listeners to help you in your own salary negotiation process.

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