27 at 27

Hey there, wanderers and wellness junkies! πŸ™‚

I began creating annual birthday bucket lists when I turned 25, and have been writing out new ones ever since. Below is the official bucket list for age 27.Β I’ll cross things off as they are completed and post links whenever I blog about any of these experiences. To learn more, check out my recaps of age 25 and age 26. Happy reading!

Things I’d Like To Do While I’m 27

  1. Travel to New Orleans for our annual mother-daughter trip.Β Visited New Orleans from 1/12 to 1/15/18.
  2. Visit the Back to Nature Wildlife Refuge in Lake Nona.
  3. Take a class at Total Wine.
  4. Travel to St. Petersburg to visit the Salvador DalΓ­ Museum.
  5. Visit a salt room for halotherapy. Tried halotherapy at Antidote Apothecary & Spa on 11/18/17 and felt amazing!
  6. Spend the day in Miami.
  7. Take a boat tour of Winter Park.
  8. Hang out with the flamingos at Flamingo Gardens.
  9. Graduate from my MBA program.
  10. Take a bioluminescence tour.
  11. Complete another round of Whole30.
  12. Go on a ghost tour through Downtown Sanford.
  13. Visit New York City. Visited NYC from 10/6 to 10/9/17. Check out the recap here!
  14. Host a tea party.Β Hosted a birthday tea party for my 27th birthday at AntiquiTEAs in Winter Garden on 9/17/17. Recap coming soon!
  15. Go kayaking in Wekiwa.
  16. Visit the Maitland Art Center.
  17. Take a post-graduation vacation.
  18. Attend a performing arts show.
  19. Visit the Audubon Center for Birds of Prey.
  20. Pursue public speaking opportunities.Β Served as a panelist on the Sales & Marketing Panel at UCF Career Fest on 11/3/17.
  21. Take a limo cycle tour.Β Went on a pedal pub adventure around Downtown Sanford with my MBA class on 10/21/17.
  22. Finish an old writing project.
  23. Get my writing published somewhere new.Β Wrote an identity theft prevention article forΒ Strive Magazine‘s fall issue, published in October 2017.Β 
  24. Take a DIY class.
  25. Stroll through the Albin Polasek Sculpture Gardens. Visited on 11/10/17. Recap coming soon!
  26. Tour the Stetson Mansion in DeLand.Β Visited on 11/19/17 for the Christmas tour — so beautiful! Recap coming soon.
  27. Visit the Orlando Eye.

What’s on your list for the year?

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