Bucket List

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I began creating annual birthday bucket lists when I turned 25, and have been writing out new ones ever since. Below is the official bucket list for age 30. I’ll cross things off as they are completed and post links whenever I blog about any of these experiences. To learn more, check out my recaps of age 25, age 26, age 27age 28age 29 and age 30. Happy reading!

2021-2022 Bucket List

  1. Take a road trip.
  2. Visit The Casements in Ormond BeachTook a guided tour of The Casements on 10/4/2021. Such a cool hidden gem!
  3. Explore more of the Florida Mural Trail.
  4. Snap selfies at Wall Crawl.
  5. Visit a lighthouse I’ve never been to before.
  6. Explore the Snap! Orlando City Unseen spots in Downtown Orlando.
  7. Go on a turtle walk.
  8. Bring back our annual mother/daughter trip.
  9. Go to a restaurant for Magical Dining Month.
  10. Embark on a SunRail progressive dinner.
  11. Take an art tour at the Alfond Inn.
  12. Attend a Creative City eventAttended JOYBOX in Downtown Orlando on 10/10/2021 and absolutely loved the immersive experience!
  13. Go to a botanical garden I’ve never been to.
  14. See a movie at the Enzian.
  15. Venture out to Sarasota.
  16. Go axe-throwing.
  17. Rent a swan boat at Lake Eola.
  18. Tour the UCF Arboretum.
  19. Grab a bite to eat in Boxi Park.
  20. Get my writing published somewhere new.
  21. Enjoy a spa day.
  22. Take a boat tour of Mount Dora.
  23. Go to a U-Pick farm.
  24. Try out a brand new workout.
  25. Celebrate 100 podcast episodes.

What’s on your list for the year?

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