Book Challenge

Happy New Year to my lovely readers!

Every year, I aim to read as many books as possible to expose myself to new genres, de-stress and inspire my own writing. Below are the books I have read this year. Please comment below if you have any questions, book suggestions, etc. I hope you enjoy this journey as much as I will! 🙂

I noticed that a lot of my blogs are based on the books I read, so I will also provide links to those when they arise.

Books I’ve Read in 2019

  1. The Book of Hygge: The Danish Art of Contentment, Comfort, and Connection by Louisa Thomsen Brits (1/6/19) — March 2019: Happiness Project Recap, April 2019: Happiness Project Recap
  2. The Sun and Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur (1/8/19)
  3. Marriage Vacation by Pauline Turner Brooks (1/13/19)
  4. Judging a Book by Its Lover by Lauren Leto (1/19/19)
  5. Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison (2/1/19)
  6. Rising Strong by Brené Brown (2/12/19) — Your Health in Action: 5 Wellness Books Worth Reading
  7. Sarah’s Key by Tatiana de Rosnay (2/16/19)
  8. The Clothing of Books by Jhumpa Lahiri (2/17/19)
  9. 101 Secrets for Your Twenties by Paul Angone (2/18/19)
  10. Atonement by Ian McEwan (2/25/19)
  11. The Boleyn Inheritance by Philippa Gregory (3/6/19)
  12. Queen’s Own Fool: A Novel of Mary Queen of Scots by Jane Yolen & Robert J. Harris (3/12/19)
  13. Isn’t It Pretty to Think So? by Nick Miller (3/21/19)
  14. The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz (3/29/19)
  15. On Being Awesome: A Unified Theory of How Not to Suck by Nick Riggle (4/4/19)
  16. Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford (4/9/19)
  17. Becoming Marie Antoinette by Juliet Grey (4/18/19)
  18. Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane (4/20/19)
  19. Oh, Florida! How America’s Weirdest State Influences the Rest of the Country by Craig Pittman (4/28/19)
  20. Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle by Emily and Amelia Nagoski (5/5/19)
  21. Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood by Rebecca Wells (5/30/19)
  22. Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr (6/1/19)
  23. The Castaways by Elin Hilderbrand (6/5/19)
  24. The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks (6/10/19)
  25. Micro-Resilience: Minor Shifts for Major Boosts in Focus, Drive, and Energy by Bonnie St. John and Allen P. Haines (6/26/19)
  26. Loving Frank by Nancy Horan (7/7/19)
  27. The Final Swipe by Nikki Novo (7/28/19)
  28. The Story of Arthur Truluv by Elizabeth Berg (8/5/19)
  29. Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett (10/6/19)
  30. Loving What Is by Byron Katie (10/16/19)
  31. To Life! A Celebration of Jewish Being and Thinking by Harold Kushner (10/30/19)
  32. Lay That Trumpet In Our Hands by Susan Carol McCarthy (11/7/19)
  33. Circling the Sun by Paula McLain (11/14/19)
  34. Devil in the White City by Erik Larson (11/30/19)
  35. Memories of a Teenage Amnesiac by Gabrielle Zevin (12/1/19)
  36. Wicked by Gregory Maguire (12/13/19)


Books I’m Currently Reading

1. Quiet by Susan Cain — Things I’m Loving Lately: Your 2018 Holiday Gift Guide


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18 Replies to “Book Challenge”

  1. I decided to do this as well, and I’m really excited about it. I just finished my first book too, which was the last book in the Hunger Games series (which was amazing, and I highly recommend it!).

    How was Howl’s Moving Castle? Should I add it to my list?

    1. Congratulations on that 🙂 I’m so excited to try out this challenge — even if I don’t read 50 books, at least I will have gotten to read a lot more than I did last year. I’ve definitely heard good things about Hunger Games… I’m hoping my friend has it up at school with him so I can borrow it soon!

      Howl’s Moving Castle was great! I could not put it down — the characters are memorable and the story itself is really interesting. You should definitely read it!

  2. Hello there!
    I’ve been searching the internet for people who are also doing the 50 Book Challenge and I came across your blog. I wanted to follow people from WordPress who are doing it so I can also see what other people are reading. Hope you don’t mind me following your blog. 🙂

    1. Hi! 🙂 I’m so excited to find others who are doing this! Congratulations on trying out this challenge, and best of luck. Currently I’m working on A Mercy by Toni Morrison and it’s pretty good so far. Welcome to the blog! I hope you enjoy!

  3. How was The Art of Racing in the Rain… that looked so cute.. I just don’t want it to be an tear jerker!!

    1. I absolutely loved it — I think I read it in a day, it was that good 🙂 Definitely emotional and I nearly cried a few times, but it has a great ending that will be worth it. Highly recommend it!

    1. Someone lent it to me so I will have to give it a read 🙂 Thank you for the suggestion! I’m definitely adding it to my reading list soon.

    1. I know exactly how you feel! I got the idea from a friend of mine and am so glad I did it. Even though I’m running a tad behind my goals, I’m still reading a lot more than I would have otherwise. I would totally suggest doing a 50 book challenge or even a 30 or 15 book challenge, depending on what you have time for.

    1. I have very mixed feelings about the book (and the series as a whole). It’s definitely a page-turner, but not very well-written. In my opinion, the main characters are not particularly likeable and their whole relationship seems extremely unhealthy. (I think a lot of younger girls are going to end up looking for a Christian Grey type when they are older because they think they can “change” him, and that’s really sad.) However, I really wanted to see what the fuss was about and why so many people were reading it. I’m planning to finish the series, but I don’t take it very seriously. It’s a fast read though – definitely worth taking a look!

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