Ep 24: Dumping Our HeadTrash and Ending Self-Sabotage with Renie Cavallari

How can we put an end to our limiting beliefs? In this episode, we chat with Renie Cavallari about the self-destructive “HeadTrash” that we all experience, and how we can stop HeadTrash in its tracks.

Learn about how to proactively change your perspective and become more self-reflective, along with tips for navigating burnout and interacting with others in the throes of their own HeadTrash. We also discuss the importance of pivoting in difficult times, how we can cultivate more clarity, and how to create more intention in your day.

Renie Cavallari is the founder and CEO of Aspire, a transformational training and culture development company, and the founder of the RCI Institute, a practical applications research lab. She is also the author of HeadTrash: The Leading Killer of Human Potential, which offers a deep dive into how we can dump our HeadTrash and stop sabotaging ourselves once and for all. (It’s a must-read!)

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    1. Thank you so much! I love that. This was such a fun episode to record – she really gets into so many practical tips for dumping our head trash!

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