Ep 12: Honoring Your Body Through Chronic Illness with Gina Martorana

Episode Summary

How can we practice self-love and kindness while pursuing our health goals? In today’s episode, we chat with Gina Martorana from Unrestricted Fit all about honoring yourself and your body no matter where you are in your wellness journey.

Gina is a health coach who helps clients in recovery from eating disorders and chronic illness. In our conversation, we talk about spoon theory (and how to really make the most of the spoons you do have!), the power of resilience, and how to develop more intuitive habits around food.

We also explore our witchy sides and talk about nourishing our souls by honoring our hunger for nature and knowledge. Gina also shares all about her new planner, Spellbook & Scribble, along with the ways our spirituality ties into our overall health.

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