Things I’m Loving Lately: Healthy Restaurants in Central Florida

Now that I’m done with grad school, I’ve been working hard to get my health back on track. I’m proud to say that I’ve made some great strides! From hitting the gym to eating less inflammatory foods, I feel stronger and healthier than I have in a long time. I completed a round of Whole30 shortly after graduation, and am working toward a goal of balance and eating intuitively. Knowing what works well for me versus what doesn’t has changed the way I fill my plate or look at a menu, and I’m excited to continue down this path.

Of course, in keeping up with the theme of balance, I have been especially excited to discover healthier restaurants in the Orlando area that cater to different dietary needs and restrictions. In today’s post, I’ll share some of my favorite finds for all of you local foodies (and visitors, too!). 🙂

Things I'm Loving Lately: Healthy Restaurants in Central Florida
Fresh Kitchen

I discovered Fresh Kitchen in Waterford Lakes after a UCF event last year, and was so impressed with their bowls that I kept coming back for more! Fresh Kitchen’s concept is similar to that of Chipotle. You walk up to the counter, choose your bases, pick your vegetables and proteins, and add sauces as needed. The difference? Their entire menu is gluten free, most of their food is free from dairy and processed sugars, and their meats are antibiotic free. (They also sell paleo cookies and zucchini brownies!) My favorite menu items are the coconut rice, the pesto chicken, and the broccoli, but they have fresh seasonal veggies and other proteins worth a taste as well. They recently opened a location in Lake Mary, and are also located in South Florida and in the Tampa/St. Pete area.


Located on Park Avenue across from the Morse Museum, BOCA is a farm-to-table restaurant that sources its food locally and offers seasonal menus. They offer a variety of market specials, including many menu items that are gluten-free or vegetarian. I’m excited to go back for brunch!

Things I'm Loving Lately: Healthy Restaurants in Central Florida

Olea Mediterranean Grill

I’m a big fan of Greek food, so I was especially excited when Olea Mediterranean Grill opened up in Sanford. Much like Fresh Kitchen, Olea offers a variety of options — customers can go up to the counter and choose a pita, lettuce, or grains, and add in their favorite spreads, toppings, and proteins. I’ve had to cut back from hummus, but their lemon herb tahini and their tzatziki are absolutely addictive. Each food item is labeled for those who have food restrictions, and if you’re gluten-free or vegan, there are tons of delicious options for you. Olea has locations in Sanford, Maitland, and Orlando.

Farm & Haus

In the back corner of the East End Market in Orlando is Farm & Haus, which doubles as a cafĂ© and meal delivery service. Farm & Haus has a menu that changes regularly, but offers healthy meals created from scratch. Farm & Haus delivers meals near its Audubon Park location in the East End Market, so when I took classes downtown, I often ordered dinner from there! Their cafĂ©, which serves breakfast and lunch, is also home to Orlando’s best avocado toast (I swear–you can Google it).

Things I'm Loving Lately: Healthy Restaurants in Central Florida

Infusion Tea

Although not exclusively vegetarian, Infusion Tea offers some amazing meatless options, and is known as Orlando’s “organic tea cafĂ©.” I am absolutely in love with their roasted pear salad, and the space is also great for parties and events. The restaurant also has its own Arts Co-Op inside, where you can pick up some fun gifts, and when you visit on a Saturday, you can also enjoy the College Park Farmers Market outside. If you love tea, try the pineapple bliss tea — I promise you will not be sorry!


Orlando foodies, what are your favorite healthy options in the area? Sound off in the comments below!



2 Replies to “Things I’m Loving Lately: Healthy Restaurants in Central Florida”

  1. I will have to try Fresh Kitchen when I’m in Orlando next. My family lives near Waterford Lakes, and it’s basically my second (third?) home.

    My favorite healthy eatery is The Sanctum, located downtown off Fern Creek. They have delicious salads and grain bowls. My favorite is the Moroccan dish; I get it every time. They also have drinks of the month, and I once went to Sanctum two days in a row because I loved their seasonal lavender latte so much.

    1. Yes! Fresh Kitchen is seriously amazing. Bonus tip: get the iced tea. They have a really great unsweetened strawberry kiwi that I have to get every time now.

      I’ll need to try The Sanctum! I’m looking at a couple of the bowls on their menu right now and this place sounds like it’s right up my alley.

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