Ep 32: Finding Inspiration and Meaning in Our Work with Tina Berger

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This week, we’re chatting with Tina Berger, an independent management consultant and author of the new book Coming Around: Surprises and Surrender on the Path to Inspiration. In her book, Tina explores the balance of the masculine-assertive and feminine-receptive energies, and how we can embrace both of these in our everyday lives.

We talk about why people who perform well in their careers might still be unsatisfied, how we can find meaning in our work, and how to hold space and truly listen to others. Tina also explains why spontaneity can help inspire some of our best ideas, and how we can get more in touch with our intuition.If you enjoy this episode, please feel free to rate and review the podcast on whatever app you’re listening on, and share with a friend!

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