Ep 53: Using Mindfulness to Overcome Stress and Burnout with Dr. Lisa Nezneski

How does stress impact your physical health? After a harrowing experience in the emergency room, Dr. Lisa Nezneski realized she had to make some changes in her life.

Dr. Nezneski is a pharmacist and author of the new book 7 Mindful Questions, which focuses on the seven questions you should ask when navigating a stressful situation. In our conversation, she shares the story behind her wellness journey and the role that mindfulness has played in her overall well-being. We talk about the benefits of mindfulness and meditation, how we can be more present in our lives, the importance of feeling our feelings, and how energy healing modalities can help us when we’re feeling stuck.

As a bonus, our listeners will gain FREE access to Dr. Nezneski’s guided meditations through the link below!

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