Book Review: Dissolving the Anchor

In times of fear and uncertainty, taking care of our mental health is more important than ever.

When I picked up Dissolving the Anchor: Untethering Dysphoria and Self-Doubt to Create an Empowered Life, I knew that this book couldn’t have come out at a better time. In this book, author Hailima Yates shares the story of how she rediscovered her power after her suicide attempt as a teenager. Her book provides a fresh perspective on creating a life you love, rather than simply surviving, and how we can develop resilience in the short-term and long-term.

Hailima is a gifted storyteller. Throughout the book, she shares insights on how we can develop relationships that better serve us, how we can practice self-care in the tough times, and how we can support others in our lives who may be experiencing depression or suicidal ideation. I loved what she said about what helped her get through those difficult times:

“I knew I couldn’t simply exist, I needed to be happy to be breathing.”

The book is an introspective mix of stories from Hailima’s youth through her twenties, poetry, and beautifully symbolic artwork. Creativity played an important role in Hailima’s healing journey, so it’s only natural that she would incorporate these creative elements into her book as well.

Whether you’ve dealt with mental health challenges yourself or you know someone else who has, this book is the perfect resource to provide real world advice for quieting those self-limiting beliefs, creating more positive relationships in our lives, and ultimately becoming our own superheroes. As someone who has noticed her own mental health faltering in the pandemic, I found this book to be especially moving, while at the same time practical for everyday life.

You can purchase Dissolving the Anchor on Amazon, or visit Hailima’s website to learn more. Stay tuned for our episode of the podcast on June 3, when Hailima and I chat more about the inspiration behind this book and her advice for loving ourselves through the difficult times.

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