Ep 20: Balancing Joy and Success with Joychiever Tracy LaLonde

“Why is it that achievements and joy have to feel so mutually exclusive?” In this episode, we talk about how we can pursue career success AND happiness simultaneously, and what that process may look like.

Today’s guest is Tracy LaLonde, author of “The Joychiever Journey: Evade Burnout, Surpass Your Goals and Out-Happy Everyone.” At the peak of her career in the legal industry, Tracy’s health began to suffer as she experienced high levels of burnout, and she stepped away to embark on her own Joy Journey. As a “Joychiever,” Tracy now helps other overachievers find joy in their own lives while still pursuing their goals.

Tracy and I chat about what it means to be a Joychiever, and how to figure out what truly makes us happy. She shares tips for prioritizing our physical health, creating work/life boundaries during a pandemic, maintaining our friendships (and when to let go), and how our values and strengths can help drive what we do. Her book is an absolute must-read for anyone struggling to find balance in their own life!

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