Ep 26: Optimizing Our Health Through Biohacking with Miray Tayfun

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How can we use self-tracking to improve our overall wellness? This week, we catch up with Miray Tayfun, the co-founder and CEO of Vivoo, to talk all about how to optimize our health through biosensors. With a background in bioengineering, Miray shares how we can use self-tracking devices to better understand our bodies.

We also learn about Miray’s personal journey as an entrepreneur, along with her thoughts on the future of biohacking.

Vivoo is an at-home wellness tracker that gives you personalized recommendations based on your hydration, ketones, pH levels, white blood cells, liver/kidney function and more. How it works: download the free Vivoo app, pee on one of the sticks provided, and scan it into the app to receive your tips based on health goals, dietary preferences and more.

Listeners will get 30% off your purchase of Vivoo with code WELLNESS30.

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