Ep 84: Finding Body Confidence Through Joyful Movement with Chel Rogerson

Body image is something that most of us have struggled with at one time or another. How do we learn to accept our bodies and not let our limiting beliefs hold us back from living life to the fullest?

This week’s guest is Chel Rogerson, a former corporate marketing executive turned yoga teacher and surfer whose story will truly inspire you. After struggling with low self-confidence and body image issues, Chel found a passion for joyful movement in activities like pole dancing, hula hooping and the circus arts, even performing on stage.

In our conversation, we talk about her body confidence journey and how we too can learn to love the bodies we’re in right now. We discuss the power of joyful movement, our blocks to body confidence, and how mindfulness plays into it all. Chel is also a digital nomad, currently living in Sayulita Mexico, so of course we talk about her travels and her tips for aspiring digital nomads!

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