Ep 29: Traveling Within Through Meditation with Jessica Bartolini

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How can we use meditation to travel within? In this week’s episode, we chat with Jessica Bartolini, a meditation coach, mother of two, and one-fourth of the blog Family Wellness Wanderers. After they noticed they were spending a lot more time indoors and missing their sense of adventure, Jessica, her husband and two daughters left their home, selling everything they owned and traveling the world together as a family. On their blog and YouTube channel, they share their healthy lifestyle through yoga, meditation, clean eating and much more. 

We learn what sparked Jessica’s passion for travel early on, and we talk about:

  • What it means to “travel within” through meditation
  • How to cultivate a meditation practice that works for you
  • Ways to stay healthy while traveling, including must-have wellness items to pack on your next trip
  • How we can instill healthy habits into our children and teens
  • What Jessica and her family have learned from their world travels
  • And more!

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