Ep 28: Things to Do in Spokane, Washington with Melissa Berry

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Today’s episode is our first destination-focused episode! This week, we’re chatting with Melissa Berry from Everyday Spokane, a blog that showcases all the best things to do in Spokane, Washington, along with tips for those looking to move there. We find out what inspired Melissa and her husband to move to the Pacific Northwest, and we talk about:

  • Places to eat and stay in Spokane, WA
  • The best hiking spots in town
  • The city’s hidden gems
  • How to create a sense of belonging for yourself in a new city
  • Ways to make friends as an adult (and introvert!)
  • And more!

If you’re planning a trip to Washington in the near future, this is an episode you won’t want to miss.If you enjoy this episode, please feel free to rate and review the podcast on whatever app you’re listening on, and share with a friend!

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