14 Tips For Getting Through Quarantine

14 Tips For Getting Through Quarantine

Navigating these changes can feel overwhelming at times, so I teamed up with a few friends in the blogging and podcasting world for advice. Here they have shared their tips for making the most of this time and getting through the quarantine in a happier and healthier way.

14 Tips For Getting Through Quarantine

Jae Taft

1. Focus on mindset. – Jae Taft

What I am doing through this crazy time is a lot of mindset work, creative time, and rest. The world has us going at 100 mph and it’s amazing to just see everyone relax and take a break. I am constantly journaling and doing things that help keep my mindset on track. I have done some at-home photoshoots by making DIY backgrounds in my rooms, and take time to cook a lot of recipes. I also have made it an effort to not feel guilty for watching so many movies and TV shows because rest is what I need right now. Just remember that even though the virus is real and alive, so are you. Don’t feel like you have to stop living and growing because the world might be at a road block.

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Rachel Writes Life

2. It’s all about the structure. – Rachel Clinger / Rachel Writes Life

Keep a structure for each day. While we’re in this quarantine, days can start to feel a bit fluid and make you feel out of sorts. Keep a structure by getting some exercise, scheduling out times in your day for certain activities, and making sure to continue cooking up some healthy meals. Schedule time for work, play, relaxation, and sleep, and stick to it. 

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Yentl Lega

3. Practice physical distance and not social isolation. – Yentl Lega / YOUnfolded

Have happy hours, game nights, or meal dates via video chats. Turn calls and texts into short video calls and messages as well (one of my favorite apps to use with friends and family is Marco Polo). Seeing people’s faces helps you feel closer and less alone.

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Caryn Writes

4. Dress as if you’re going to work. – Caryn McCleskey / Caryn Writes

My office moved to work-from-home in mid-March and after a few practice video meetings and frantic requests for help from the IT department, we all settled into our new routine. We started with team video chats many times a week and then moved to daily chats. It keeps up the daily habit of seeing each other that we have at work.

One thing I’ve found helpful is to dress as if I were going to work even though I’m staying at home. Instead of wearing t-shirts and jeans or yoga pants as I generally do when I’m at home, I wear comfortable “office” clothes. I find wearing my usual work clothes helps me get into a work mind-set and keep up a sense of normalcy during a time of uncertainty. And knowing my coworkers will see me on video helps, too.

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This Florida Life

5. Enjoy date nights in. – Dani / This Florida Life

My husband and I try to do a date night together at least once a week, especially now that we have a new routine at home. Sometimes we theme our date nights. We’ve had a Star Wars night with movie and trivia – so far I’ve won each time! We often enjoy tiki bar nights with tropical drinks and a Jimmy Buffett concert. Margaritaville TV and Radio Margaritaville have created the “Virtual Cabin Fever Tour,” replaying momentous Jimmy Buffett concerts from the past. These concerts are broadcasted at Margaritaville.TV most Wednesdays and Saturdays at 8PM. We have our own tiki bar we put together when our son was born so that we could still have date nights even with a toddler at home.

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Hashtag Colorado Life

6. Go on virtual adventures. – Ryan and Carrie Nicholson / Hashtag Colorado Life

During this uncertain time we have created a new “normal” daily routine. As a couple who owns a Colorado travel podcast, our livelihood depends on going out and exploring new places and trying new things. The past couple of months have obviously impacted our life and podcast in a big way. It’s easy to feel really couped up right now and give into the boredom. But instead of doing that, we have come up with creative ideas for experiencing our state from home and helping our listeners do the same. We have gone on virtual art tours, hosted an online cooking workshop, and even started planning our next day trip adventure. Our lifestyle hasn’t ended, it has just changed dramatically. Finding a new normal will help us adapt to this new life faster. This strategy allows us to get through each day and helps us look forward to the future, no matter how uncertain it may seem. Everyone needs something to look forward to and to stay positive!

{ Blog: Hashtag Colorado Life, Instagram: @hashtagcoloradolife }

Betsy Jewell

7. Help your teens cope with these changes. – Betsy Jewell / High School Hamster Wheel Podcast

Teenagers are learning to navigate a new normal now that they are “quaran-teen-ed” at home. They may be struggling with feelings of anger, sadness, loneliness, anxiety, grief, and more. It’s important to keep them active, busy, and healthy. Help your teens set a routine so they have some structure in their daily life. Encourage them to reach out to friends and family members through social media and conferencing apps. And make sure they get at least 30 minutes of physical activity, preferably outside, every day. Remind your teens that the quarantine won’t last forever and that they should remain hopeful for the future. Better days are coming our way.

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Give That Girl A Snack

8. Move your body. – Stephanie Machado / Give That Girl A Snack

During this crazy time, I have found so much joy in moving my body. I have tried free apps, cycling and YouTube videos. I now share myself doing crazy YouTube workouts on my Instagram stories and then rate the video on my blog for others to try. It has been fun to connect and make friendships in this way while working off my quarantine snacks! Get your partner involved too and make it a fitness date. 

For more wellness inspo, body positivity and snacks – visit me on Instagram @givethatgirlasnack.

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Hel On Heels

9. Plan themed nights in with your family. – Helen Gaillet Bailey / Hel On Heels

During these crazy and unprecedented times, creative nights with my family are what is getting me through! We are working more than we ever have for our day jobs, so my husband and I make a point to take Saturday nights off and have a themed night. This could be something simple like watching a movie and making dinner from the film, to recreating our favorite restaurant experience. Some of my favorites so far have been hibachi night, “Clue” murder mystery, and “Napoleon Dynamite.” Bonus points if you wear a costume! Think of your favorite movie or game and create a themed night around it. These nights are great for a date night or fun for the whole family!

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The Kelly Diane Report

10. Practice creativity. – Kelly Littlewood / The Kelly Diane Report

Social distancing is definitely challenging. One of the things I’ve been trying to do each week is be creative. Whether that is making something or being creative with my writing, I love the feeling I get at the end of the week when I’ve achieved something. Not being able to see family & friends is also hard to bear but by FaceTiming each other, I feel like I’m still getting an element of socialising. 

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Alex Pistorio

11. Set weekly goals. – Alex Pistorio / Al & Lo

Wow, the times are crazy, right?! Here are a few ways I have been making the most of my time in quarantine! I think setting up a goal to achieve during this time is so important. Have you had a side project around the house you’ve been putting off? Books you wanted to read but didn’t have the time? Set weekly goals and see what you can accomplish! My goals have been based around my blog and my social media, bettering it for all of you. Whatever it is you choose, go all in. Stay healthy, safe and we’ll go through this all together! 

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Everyday Spokane

12. Stay updated on your city. – Melissa Berry / Everyday Spokane 

As a travel blogger, I’ve definitely taken a huge hit in terms of traffic. However, for me it’s all been about pivoting and providing value for my audience. Since I’m a local blogger, I’ve targeted local events and holidays to cover on my blog. This has led to a surge in traffic and, while it’s not like it was before, it’s keeping me relevant + in front of my audience + helpful to them.

Personally, I’ve found reading specific news about what’s going on in my city is valuable, and I’ve noticed that’s the type of content resonating with my audience too. I’ve made it a priority to keep them updated on what’s specifically going on in our city, and that’s made the whole social distancing thing a lot more manageable since people are getting facts (and our city’s situation is much less dire than other cities, which is reassuring).

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Megan Tarpey

13. Create the best version of yourself and your business. – Megan Tarpey

I am a true believer that quarantine is a time for us to create the best versions of ourselves. So throughout this time really pull apart your business, write down everything- what’s happening in your business now and how are you going to have to change to work your business differently. Start writing down solutions on how you can change with the times. Take all the zoom trainings that you can. Have zoom calls with team or friends and family- Virtual happy hours are the best!

{ Instagram: @meganashley0403 }

Jazmin's Voyage

14. Take time to learn AND have fun in quarantine. – Jazmin Rojas / Jazmin’s Voyage

During this quarantine, there are a few ways I’ve been staying busy. I’ve been playing water guns with my son Sammy outside and walking around the neighborhood, which counts as exercise and he releases some energy.  I also enrolled into the Hospitality and Tourism Management Certificate at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) was offering for free due to the crisis, and completed the course in April. I started using my Erin Condren Gratitude Journal I received at a bloggers conference 2 years ago to appreciate the good in this crazy time. I also started processing which route to take with my blog, which has led into learning podcasting, marketing, and even more SEO.

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Thank you to all who shared their tips in our social distancing collaboration! What’s keeping you sane in quarantine? Share your thoughts in the comments!



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  1. Thses are all fantastic tips! Thank you for the collab and putting such valuable information together we can all benefit from 🙂

  2. I love these suggestions. I promised myself quite a lot and ended up doing almost none of them. But hey, it is a break, so it is ok I guess

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