Ep 68: Healing Our Bodies Through Ayurveda with Lillian Jacobs

What is Ayurveda, and how can we use this ancient science to improve our health?

Lillian Jacobs is an LA based holistic health coach and Ayurvedic health coach with clients nationwide. Ayurveda is considered the sister science of yoga and it’s a modality that focuses on treating the root causes of illness rather than the symptoms. 

In this episode, Lillian shares her own wellness journey and how Ayurveda first came into her life. We discuss what Ayurveda is, how to determine your Ayurvedic dosha (your own body’s constitution), how we can keep our unique bodies in balance through certain foods and practices, healthier ways to structure your day, and self-care tips rooted in Ayurveda to help us lead healthier lives. 

This episode is PACKED with great information and actionable tips!

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