110. How Small Changes Lead to Major Transformation with Abby King

What is a “positive feedback loop” when it comes to our wellness, and how can we use it to transform our lives? This week’s guest is an expert when it comes to creating healthy habits we can stick to!

We’re chatting with Abby King, an integrative nutritionist and the owner of Bliss Point Nutrition. Through Bliss Point, Abby’s goal is to not only provide the physical tools to keep your brain and body healthy, but also the foundation to find your bliss in all aspects of life!

Abby shares more about her bio-individual approach to wellness and how she helps clients get in touch with their bodies to intuitively understand what works best for them. We discuss ways to start listening to your body, mindset shifts we can make to improve our overall wellness, how to navigate the holiday season in a mindful way, and tips for prioritizing self-care and wellness while balancing a busy schedule. Abby and I also talk about creating a positive feedback loop when it comes to our health, and how one small change can ultimately lead to major transformation.

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