The Friday Five: Girls You Meet In College

A few weeks ago, we talked about the five boys you meet in college, so now it’s time to talk about the girls. College definitely changes us in ways we wouldn’t expect, and we often take on roles that we never even thought of in high school.

Of the five girls you meet in college, which one are you?Β Tweet this!

Today, as we discuss the five girls you meet/become in college, think about which category or categories you fall into. It may surprise you!

The Friday Five: Girls You Meet In College

1. The Perpetual Girlfriend.
Ever since middle school, she has been in and out of relationships. She’s a sweet girl, but she gets bored easily, and now that she’s in college, she has her pick of the litter. Of course, that doesn’t mean she can’t choose a different guy in a couple of months. The Perpetual Girlfriend updates her relationship status on Facebook more often than she gets her roots touched up, and seems to have a different boy for every day of the week (or, as my friends and I like to say, she gets “a new boyfriend to replace her new boyfriend”). She is a devoted girlfriend in the time she does have to cultivate a relationship, and makes a great support system, but at the first sign of conflict in the relationship, she’s out. She is probably capable of standing alone, but she chooses not to.


2. The Mom.
The center of the group, she worries about everybody. Nurturing and supportive, she takes more time out of her day than she can afford in order to meet her friends’ needs and make sure that everyone is happy. Your boyfriend cheated on you? The Mom will drive you straight to the mall to help you forget about it. You made some poor life choices? The Mom will yell at you no matter how you break the news to her — in person, on the phone, via Skype — and then mutter something about your ability to turn her hair gray. She may not always have the right answers, but she tries her best to give her full attention to each person’s problems.


3. The Hipster.
She’s not always as obvious as the male hipster you encounter, because she will try to pull off her eclectic style as “fashionable.” However, her attitude is the same as any other. She has done everything you have ever done, but before you did it and clearly better, and she wasn’t even trying. She claims to only know “obscure” music, and turns her nose up if you have heard of one of her preferred bands/films/artists. Those interests of hers that are not obscure usually resemble the interests of a 12-year-old boy in the late 90s. She prides herself on being “different” from other girls, even though there is a whole flock of girls just like her on campus.


4. The Nerdette.
It doesn’t really matter what subject she’s studying — English, History, Biology — but it occasionally consumes her life. She loves what she’s learning, either because it interests her or it has some prestige, and doesn’t care about looking silly. Maybe she’s a nerd on her own, or maybe she hangs out with a lot of male Nerds herself (computer engineers, perhaps? or is that just me? :)), but she embraces the Nerd lifestyle and understands your Internet jokes.


5. Miss Involved.
Miss Involved can belong to two subsets — Miss Campus Activities, or Miss Sorority Girl — or fall somewhere in between. I say this because Greeks tend to have a lot of involvement in school anyway (they dominate SGA and Homecoming), but at the same time, being involved doesn’t always mean being in a sorority. Miss Involved is the model student when it comes to her major specifically, but she also belongs to several clubs on campus and is always looking for more opportunities. Sometimes she feels overextended, but if she had to give something up, she wouldn’t know where to begin. She spends half her time in the Student Union, is friendly and can be spotted at a variety of school events. When it comes to dating, she tends to gravitate toward Ladies’ Man.


Which girl are you? Guys, which of these girls have you dated? What other categories can you identify?

10 thoughts on “The Friday Five: Girls You Meet In College

    • Valerie says:

      Hahaha I know exactly what you mean! I can definitely see that πŸ™‚ I feel like I’m probably a bit of a hybrid — Miss Involved (campus activities), Nerdette and a little bit Mom. But it’s so hard to stop joining clubs and trying out new things when they sound awesome.

  1. febe says:

    I guess I’m sort of a mix between a nerd and a hipster ;p
    but you talk about them like they are bad, but I’m pretty social,
    if I say myself ;p

    • Valerie says:

      I didn’t mean to insult any of the types, so I’m sorry if you felt that way! This post was meant to poke fun a little, but as someone who fits all of the categories to a degree (mostly Nerd and Miss Involved) except The Girlfriend, I’m not trying to say any one of them is better than the others. They all have their own strengths πŸ™‚

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