Ep 88: Unlocking Your Career Potential Through Mindset Shifts with Cici Castelli

What role does mindset play in our career growth?

This week, we are chatting with Cici Castelli, business leader, coach, and author of the new book, Mindset Unlocked. From the kitchens of Harvard to the beaches of Miami, Cici shares the powerful story of how she achieved her career dreams after arriving to the United States as a first-generation immigrant. She talks about the role of mindset in discovering your competitive career advantage, and how unlocking our mindset can help us become successful.

In our conversation, Cici and I discuss how to stand out in your career early on, tips for setting goals and managing our time, ways to prioritize our wellness in the midst of a busy career, the power of taking risks, and and the importance of doing the things that others can’t, won’t or simply don’t do. 

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