Ep 81: Navigating Sex and Love Addiction with Brianne Davis

What is sex and love addiction, and what does the recovery process look like?

This week, I’m chatting with Brianne Davis, an actress, director and producer, podcast host and author of Secret Life of a Hollywood Sex and Love Addict. In our conversation, Brianne and I discuss what sex and love addiction is, and many of the misconceptions around this type of addiction. We talk about trauma bonding, mistakes we are making in the dating world today, how our early childhood experiences play into sex and love addiction, and the compare and despair trap that comes from our social media.

Brianne most recently starred on the History Channel’s Six and has also appeared on shows like Lucifer, Casual, Rosewood, True Blood, The Mentalist and more. With more than a decade of recovery as a sex and love addict, Brianne is the host of the popular mental health podcast Secret Life and recently published her best-selling book on the topic as well. 

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