Ep 71: How To Declutter Our Homes and Lives with Jane Stoller

For many of us, decluttering is a huge part of our New Year’s Resolutions, but getting started can often feel overwhelming.

This week, we chat with Jane Stoller, also known as Organized Jane, all about how we can declutter our homes, minds and businesses. Jane is the author of ‘“Organizing For Your Lifestyle” and “Decluttering for Dummies,” and she’s passionate about helping others reduce stress through simple organizing techniques.

In this episode, we discuss how to tackle the most stressful areas of our homes in bite-sized pieces, and how to get buy-in from the whole family, including kids. Jane also shares how our closets can set the tone for the entire day, how to incorporate a “giving forward” approach into our lives, ways to organize the photos on our phones, productivity tools to keep your work life more organized and SO much more.

Get your notebook ready, because there are a lot of great tips in this episode and you’ll want to take notes!

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  • Canva – to design album covers and create other designs
  • Tick Tick – app to help you manage tasks
  • Drag – app to manage your Gmail workspace
  • Neat – app to digitize receipts
  • Asana – resource for managing projects and tasks

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