2021-2022 Bucket List Recap

Happy November, friends! It has been a while since I popped onto the blog to share any content not focused on the podcast, but I’m excited to give a little life update this weekend. As longtime readers may know, I compile an annual bucket list of adventures I hope to embark on before my next birthday. Some years are more eventful than others — and often, my priorities change! — but it’s so fun to set goals for myself and find new things to look forward to.

My 31st birthday was no different. I loved putting together my list last year and crossing new things off as new experiences arose. Of course, I didn’t get to everything on my list (you’ll see the recap below!) but I also had experiences I’d never dreamed of. Some highlights not listed here: winning a leadership award and receiving recognition from the state, exploring roadside attractions like the giant orange in Umatilla, taking a trip to the World Equestrian Center and getting a private tour of the UF stadium, and so much more.

Below is my recap of my list from 2021-2022. Let me know if you’ve tried any of these and if you have any recommendations, especially for the ones I didn’t complete! 🙂

2021-2022 Bucket List

  1. Take a road tripI took overnight trips to Ocala, Cocoa Beach, Tallahassee and Sarasota and had such a blast on each of them!
  2. Visit The Casements in Ormond BeachMy dad and I took a guided tour of The Casements on 10/4/2021. Such a cool hidden gem!
  3. Explore more of the Florida Mural Trail. I’m sure I did see some murals on my trips this year, but I wasn’t actually intentional about exploring the trail this time around.
  4. Snap selfies at Wall Crawl. I tried to schedule this one, but had to cancel a few times because of unforeseen circumstances. I will eventually make it out there!
  5. Visit a lighthouse I’ve never been to beforeI climbed Ponce Inlet Lighthouse (the tallest lighthouse in Florida!) on 3/13/2022.
  6. Explore the Snap! Orlando City Unseen spots in Downtown OrlandoI saw the immersive mural by BOYKONG at Visit Orlando on 8/16/2022. So cool!
  7. Go on a turtle walk. Timing-wise, this did not work out in the 2022 season. I am going to try to plan farther ahead for 2023!
  8. Bring back our annual mother/daughter trip. We did take our trip, but it was shortly after my birthday – stay tuned for the recap!
  9. Go to a restaurant for Magical Dining MonthI went out for a delicious dinner at Tapa Toro in ICON Park on 10/11/2021. Do not skip out on the meatballs!
  10. Embark on a SunRail progressive dinner. This will take a lot of planning, but I am still dying to do this!
  11. Take an art tour at the Alfond Inn. On the list for 2022-2023!
  12. Attend a Creative City event. I attended JOYBOX in Downtown Orlando on 10/10/2021 and absolutely loved the immersive experience! I also attended Dazzling Lights at Leu Gardens in December 2021 for the second year in a row and it is quickly becoming a favorite holiday tradition.
  13. Go to a botanical garden I’ve never been to. This did not happen, but I did visit botanical gardens that I have previously been to!
  14. See a movie at the EnzianI went to the Enzian to see Spin Me Round on 8/31/2022. So fun!
  15. Venture out to SarasotaI traveled to Sarasota from 1/20 through 1/22/2022, where I toured the Siesta Key Rum Distillery and visited the Ringling!
  16. Go axe-throwing. I still need to do this!
  17. Rent a swan boat at Lake Eola. We tried to do this, but arrived too close to the closing time because of traffic – will regroup when weather permits!
  18. Tour the UCF Arboretum. I planned a trip but had to cancel for work purposes.
  19. Grab a bite to eat in Boxi ParkI visited for the first time on 4/21/2022 and absolutely loved my burgers. I’ll definitely be back!
  20. Get my writing published somewhere new. I didn’t prioritize my writing as much this time around but hope to change that in the year ahead.
  21. Enjoy a spa dayI booked a spa day at the Ritz Carlton for 8/7/2022. The energy healing treatment was so lovely!
  22. Take a boat tour of Mount DoraI toured Mount Dora on the 1-hour pontoon tour by Rusty Anchor on 11/13/2021. So fun!
  23.  Go to a U-Pick farm. Forgot about this one during the appropriate seasons!
  24. Try out a brand new workoutEmbarked on a 30-day squat challenge from August 1-30, 2022. My legs are still burning!
  25. Celebrate 100 podcast episodesPublished Episode 100 on September 2 – what an exciting milestone!

Stay tuned for my 2022-2023 bucket list, coming soon to a theater near you. Let me know if there’s anything I should think about adding for this year!

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  1. Great recap – you did some really interesting things! Swan boats are on my list, too, and now I know to make sure and check the times. Keep smiling and writing and make sure to submit some of your writings to get published!

    1. Thank you so much, Terry! It really was a great year, even if I wasn’t able to cross everything off my list. Definitely check the times before the tours – we had to wrestle with downtown parking, and they won’t let you on x amount of time before closing. I had hoped we could still get on but definitely check online since it seems to change periodically as well!

      Thank you for the kind words – will definitely try to prioritize writing more in this next chapter! 🙂 Hope all is well with you!

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