Link Love Wednesday: Rock Mafia and Haunted Houses

ridinghoodshoI can’t believe Halloween is already almost here! The month of October really flew by, and I’m still not really sure what my costume will entail this year — although there’s a good chance that I’ll break out the famous tiger ears again! 😉

What are your Halloween plans this year? Let me know what you’re up to in the comments section below. (I’m in need of some costume inspiration!) As always, enjoy this week’s Link Love.

Things I’m Loving Lately

  • The delicious handcrafted marshmallows at Wondermade, a local cafe in Sanford, FL. You can purchase their many flavors as gift packages online!
  • When The Emperor Was Divine by Julie Otsuka, about one family’s experience with the Japanese internment camps during World War II. A very moving read.
  • The Big Bang by Rock Mafia. It isn’t new to me, but I could listen to this song for hours on repeat.
  • My recent purchases made through Pop Your Pup. It’s an awesome place to make pop art T-shirts of your pets!
  • Julian Edelman, Wide Receiver for the New England Patriots. He’s been on my fantasy football team from the beginning, and what he lacked in points this week, he easily made up for in dashing good looks. 🙂

What’s your favorite link love this week? Share your latest findings in the comments section below!

2 Replies to “Link Love Wednesday: Rock Mafia and Haunted Houses”

  1. The Morkami Museum sounds awesome! I’ll have to add that to my own bucket list. I recently crossed off a few times myself–attend a murder mystery party, see the Phantom of the Opera on Broadway, and read The Hobbit. 🙂

    Also, one of my bucket list items is to go to a dog or cat show, and the AKC Eukanuba National Champion is coming to Orlando in December ( so I’m excited to go to that. 😀

    As for links, here’s one I think you’d like (love Hey Eleanor, btw):

    1. Hi Taylor! The Morikami Museum was amazing. I used to see signs for it off the highway when I would drive down to South Florida, so I was always curious, and it truly was even better than I expected. I am dying to see Phantom on Broadway – it is my favorite musical! I’ve never attended a murder mystery party, although it’s on my bucket list as well – hopefully to host one this year. 🙂

      The dog show sounds so exciting! We actually met my mom’s little dog Charlie for the first time at a dog show when he was a pup (his dad was performing!) but we were too distracted by Charlie to really get to watch. I’d love to go to one!

      Awesome link by the way! I love the interview but the houses themselves are absolutely gorgeous the way she redesigned them. So cool! 🙂

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