The Friday Five: Things To Do On April Fools Day

Your day may be nearly over, but you still have some time to do something fun for April Fools Day if you haven’t already. (Or you could follow these tips on any other day!) Here are five fun pranks and activities to enjoy this April Fool’s Day. (Tweet this!)

The Friday Five: Things To Do On April Fools Day

1. Watch “The Room.”
Deemed by many to be one of the best worst movies of all time, The Room (directed, starring, written by and produced by the eclectic and enigmatic Tommy Wiseau) has developed a cult following throughout the years. Every year, Adult Swim has screened this movie on April Fools Day around midnight, which is why I was a little late in posting last night’s Freshman 15. If you missed the on-air showing, you can always watch clips of the film online — trust me, it will be more than entertaining.


2. Change your relationship status.
Okay, maybe a little juvenile, but always fun to shake things up a little. Join a civil union with your roommate or enter an open relationship with your best friend… or make a relationship seem real by talking to one of your platonic friends of the preferred gender. Note: If you are in an actual relationship, do not break up with your significant other as a joke. It is mean and will probably deem you permanently single.


3. Tell your parents that your sibling is back together with the ex they hated.
… Because my sister did that to me!


4. Let The Office inspire you!
Take a page out of the wonderful Jim Halpert’s book. Jim is constantly pranking his coworkers (Dwight in particular) and he never ceases to amaze us. Whether he dresses up as Dwight’s doppleganger for a day, creates a series of fake diseases or surrounds his coworkers’ staplers in jello, Jim is always thinking on his feet. See which of his pranks should be revisited in your own life, or just let them give you some rough ideas for fun and harmless tricks you might want to try.


5. Do something outrageous.
By this, I am not implying a huge prank, but rather, a huge decision. Commit to something you have been considering on and off for a while, because it isn’t just April Fool’s Day — it’s also the start of a new month. Use this day to spark a new beginning.


How did you spend your April Fools Day? What is the most epic prank you have ever pulled?

4 thoughts on “The Friday Five: Things To Do On April Fools Day

  1. Em says:

    Hah I think I pulled the best one….. I had a BUNCHHH of my male friends call my roomate and tell her::::
    Hi, I saw your ad on craigslist, and I’m really interested in the body massage with the happy ending…u look really hot in your picture! And I live near Boca, so when can we do this?

    I even had A female call and say the same thing but ask if she minded doing women….it totally worked. When my roomate got home she was freaking out about it, praying nobody called her at 3AM…best part is I still haven’t told her it was me! Hahah

    • Valerie says:

      That is hilarious! I wish I had thought of something that good. Love that she still doesn’t know! I will have to think of something epic for next year 🙂

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