Ep 62: Optimizing Our Reproductive Health with Haley Smith, MScN

How can we take ownership of our reproductive health? This week, we chat with Haley Smith, a women’s health nutritionist and certified fertility awareness method practitioner. Through the fertility awareness method, Haley guides women to either consciously conceive or avoid pregnancy through their bodies’ innate rhythms. In our conversation, we talk about how the fertility awareness method works and how we can empower ourselves through our bodies’ fifth vital sign. Haley also shares tips for women looking to transition off of hormonal birth control, how men can prepare for conception, and nutritional changes we can make to support our hormone health.

As you’ll learn in this episode, Haley is also hosting the Fertility Freedom workshop in February 2022 with a group of incredible practitioners. This is a two-day virtual event for anyone who wants to learn about preparing their body for pregnancy and I highly suggest you check it out! Use code VALERIE at check-out to get $25 off.

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