5 Tips For a Cozy Staycation at Home

If you’re anything like me, you’ve started to get restless at home. I may be an introvert (and a homebody!), but I love getting out and exploring new places. For those who love to travel but want to follow social distancing guidelines, this time can be really difficult. On weekends, it’s easier than ever to fall into a mindless pattern of Netflix binge-while texting-while scrolling Instagram, and suddenly realizing it’s 11 p.m. Where did the day go?

I love a relaxing night in as much as the next girl, but I truly believe in the power of intention. With just a little extra effort, we can make our nights in a lot more relaxing and restorative! In tonight’s post, I’ll share my tips for creating the perfect staycation from the comfort of your own home.


1. Keep comfort in mind.

Break out the comfy robe, slippers, PJs — whatever you’ve got! I encourage you not to wear the same loungewear you slept in or have been wearing all day. For me, a clean pair of yoga pants straight out of the dryer is the epitome of luxury. (Clearly I don’t get out much anymore.)

Of course, no relaxing night in is complete without a cozy blanket. I absolutely love my luxury faux fur blanket from Everlasting Comfort! Not only is the teal color my style, but the material is incredibly soft — you will never want to leave your couch. Their blankets are sold in other colors as well, including some tie-dye variations, and Everlasting Comfort also has seat cushions, oil diffusers and other products to keep you comfortable at home. You can shop their site using code WELLNESSANDWANDERLUSTBLOG for 20% off your purchase!

2. Create a relaxing environment.

I love listening to a sound bath meditation on Insight Timer to help relieve stress and reset, but for you, a relaxing environment might mean heavy metal or 90s pop. (Admittedly, I could go for all of the above!) Set your environment with whatever works best for you. Diffuse some essential oils, or light that candle you’ve been saving for the last 8 months. We don’t always need a special occasion to treat ourselves.

I talked a lot about the Danish concept of hygge last year during my happiness project, and I think it’s a good theme to keep in mind when crafting your staycation at home. Candles, blankets and a hot beverage (or an equally comforting food or drink) are hygge essentials!


3. Pamper yourself.

We may not plan to visit the spa any time soon, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pamper yourself a little at home. This, again, will differ by person. For me, one of the things I miss most about everyday life is going to the nail salon and getting pedicures. After complaining for months that I wouldn’t be able to get a real pedicure, I finally did a little research on how to do your own pedicure, ordered a few inexpensive supplies on Amazon, turned on some music, and got to work. While my work was far from professional, I loved doing something nice for myself that felt relatively “normal.”

4. Order in.

Take a break from cooking and order curbside or delivery from one of your favorite restaurants. Rather than something quick and easy, pick something you really love and don’t normally take the time to order. One of my favorite deliveries in quarantine wasn’t an actual meal, but dessert — I actually had cupcakes delivered to my apartment. Was this financially the most responsible decision? My full-time credit union professional self would say noBut was it something that felt really decadent and like a luxury to me that particular night? Absolutely. I don’t suggest having cupcakes delivered to your home on the regular, but if you need a little break from the mundane, this is a nice way to support local businesses and get a little fancy.

5. Stream something different than usual.

I’m a chronic binge-watcher, but in this case, I encourage you to consciously choose what you’re going to watch rather than letting Netflix automatically cycle through an entire season of a TV show. Pick a movie that has been on your list for a long time, or look to one of the many entertainment venues or arts organizations that has been streaming their content online during the pandemic. Orlando Date Night Guide has some great at-home date night suggestions that support our local arts, including virtual concerts and other performances that will keep you entertained.

What are you doing to keep your spirits up during the pandemic? Check out our tips on getting through quarantine from 14 other bloggers and podcasters, and let us know how you’re doing in the comments section below!

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