101. Getting Organized and Embracing Minimalism with Deanna Yates

Ready to live a clutter-free life? This is an episode you won’t want to miss!

Our guest is Deanna Yates, the founder and CEO of Wannabe Clutter Free and the host of the popular podcast, the Wannabe Minimalist Show. Deanna helps busy families learn how to let go of the stuff holding them back so they can enjoy more time together, stop spending their weekends cleaning house, and go after the life they really want to be living.

In our conversation, we talk about why letting go of the stuff in our homes can help us improve our overall wellness, and ways we can adopt a more minimalist lifestyle. Deanna shares tips for creating intention in each space of your home, tips for getting your family on board, systems we can put in place to live with less clutter, and so much more.

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