The Friday Five: Signs That You’re A Communications Major

As someone who identifies so closely with her major, I can often pick up on some of the differences between myself and my business/pre-med/engineering friends. For those of you who didn’t know, I’m currently a junior majoring in Advertising and Public Relations, which is part of my university’s Communications school. Through my experiences in its academic organizations, classes and internships (along with my interactions with other Communications majors!), I have noticed key similarities among our little group.

If you are majoring in Advertising, Public Relations, Journalism or any other form of Communications — or if you have a close friend in one of these majors or professions — follow along and see which of the following signs are applicable!

The Friday Five: Signs That You’re A Communications Major

1. You find yourself mentally correcting people when they say things that don’t comply with AP Style.


2. You live-tweet about the commercials during the Super Bowl instead of actually watching the game.


3. “Diversifying your portfolio” has nothing to do with personal finances, and everything to do with clipping unique samples of your work to show potential employers.


4. You study the menus at your favorite chain restaurants — not because you’re interested in the food, but because you want to see how those restaurants implement their brand standards throughout their food and beverage menus.


5. Because you are relatively active on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, you consider yourself the ultimate social media guru.


Readers, what are some signs indicative of your major? 

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  1. Love this. I’m not a communications major but something similar, and I’m a social media addict. This is super random, but I’m the founder of a site called HUGstronger for college students struggling with tough social and health issues, and we are always looking for writers (and a social media intern right now), if you ever want to check it out and submit.

    1. Thank you so much! I’ve been checking out HUGstronger and I’m really impressed 🙂 I would absolutely love to contribute a guest post or two in the near future. Expect an email from me soon!! I really appreciate it.

    1. I’ve heard about that! My personal finance professor mentioned actuaries in our class last week and I think it was only so he could feel better about himself 🙂

    1. I took an advertising class one semester in the spring and the first class we had after the Super Bowl, we watched the commercials and talked about them the entire time. It was a lot of fun 🙂 I actually tweeted during the commercials and did homework during the game this year… Thanks so much for subscribing!! Can’t wait to check out your blog.

  2. Five signs that you’re a psychology major:

    1. You introduce yourself by name and Myers-Briggs personality type.
    2. All the insults you use reference Freudian theory.
    3. You frequently accuse others of their hindsight bias, confirmation bias, availability heuristics
    4. Whenever friends share problems you say, “So how do you feel about that?”
    5. You’ve re-created Pavlov’s famous experiment using a pet hamster and your cell ringtone.

    1. I love this!! I used to minor in Psychology and had some friends who were Psych majors, so I can relate to a few (namely, #1 and #4). Thank you for sharing!

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