The Weekend Five: Stuff Girls Do

With the influx of Youtube videos inspired by the original “Sh!t Girls Say,” I thought I would tackle a similar topic — the many strange things that girls often do. I’ll admit that I seem to be friends with more guys than girls, but I have definitely witnessed each of these (albeit stereotypical) actions in Girl World and love to poke fun at each of them. Ladies, this week, let’s laugh at ourselves! (Add your own in the comments.)


The Weekend Five: Stuff Girls Do

1. Plan their weddings and dream homes on Pinterest.
Yes, the invitation-only website is great for sharing recipes, do-it-yourself projects and more, but in Girl World, Pinterest is all about getting ready for the future. If you are between the ages of 18 and 25 and haven’t already selected a wedding dress or decorated your first child’s bedroom (using mainly pieces from the websites for Pottery Barn and Anthropologie) for your Pinterest boards, then what have you been doing with your life? You may still live in a dorm room or off-campus apartment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start decorating your eventual mansion. Who cares if you’re an Engineering major? For all intents and purposes, you are currently an interior decorator/event planner extraordinaire.


2. Invite each other to partake in “play time.”
For the record, I have never understood this one. However, in many cases, when one girl wants to meet up with a female friend she hasn’t seen in a while, she will request “play time.” Curiously, although the term would suggest otherwise, the two girls are typically either of high school or college age. “Play time” is an ambiguous term that could refer to anything, but usually does not refer to participation in an actual game.


3. Commonly use the word “ahmazing” to describe people, places and things.
In Girl World, everything is “ahmazing.” It doesn’t matter that the word shouldn’t actually contain an “h” — in fact, the more unnecessary letters added to a word, the better. When communicating with other girls, the usage of extra letters allows for greater emphasis. For example, “I’m bored” suggests that the writer is unamused by her current circumstances, but “I’m boreddddddd” implies an added level of frustration and disgust. Therefore, it should hold true that the extra letter in “ahmazing” adds an extra layer of awesomeness that wasn’t there when the word was just “amazing.”


4. Discuss in great length what a guy’s text message actually meant.
Remember that time when Zach switched from his traditional “haha” to “LOL” in a text message and you spent an hour with your best friend trying to determine his reasoning behind it? No? Then it’s high time you start analyzing. Over-analysis is an Olympic event in Girl World, one in which nearly everyone is a participant. In this case, it is important to consider a guy’s actions that seem the least significant and then dissect those until you have uncovered at least five different meanings. After all, where is the fun in being straightforward with someone?


5. Scream across the room when they spot friends they haven’t seen in a week.
Perhaps you saw Kelly two days ago, but that still shouldn’t preclude you from shrieking her name at the top of her lungs (preferably in someone’s ear) and pushing across a crowd to give her a hug and a possible air-kiss. Mere enthusiasm to see a friend isn’t enough; instead, you must treat the friend or acquaintance that you haven’t seen in “like, forever” (read: since Tuesday) like your favorite A-List celebrity, except without the nasty paparazzi.


4 thoughts on “The Weekend Five: Stuff Girls Do

    • Valerie says:

      Thank you! I secretly love the word fantabulous. (Ginormous, not so much!) Good books are most definitely worthy of the word “fantabulous.” 🙂

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