The Friday Five: Lessons Learned at 20

Every year, our experiences shape us into the grown-up person we will someday become. Although I just began my junior year of college, I still can’t believe that society already considers me somewhat an adult. However, yesterday I turned 21, and here I am — a little older and a little wiser than I was last year.

For this week’s Friday Five, I will share just a few of the lessons I’ve learned (sometimes the hard way) since my 20th birthday. Feel free to comment with some of the lessons you learned at 20. 🙂


The Friday Five: Lessons Learned at 20

1. True friends are irreplaceable. Don’t trust in others too quickly, but be sure to give others a chance.


2. Sometimes, what you always wanted isn’t what it was cracked up to be. Set new goals when the old ones aren’t working out.


3. Dish soap does not go in the dishwasher, unless you want your apartment to be filled with bubbles.


4. The people closest to you have your best interests in mind. If your friends hate your significant other and you feel the need to hide the relationship, then that raises a red flag.


5. Being positive and upbeat generally attracts positive and upbeat opportunities and situations.


(Author’s Note: Sorry for such a lack of writing in the past couple of weeks– my life has been busy beyond belief!)

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