The Friday Five: Videos That Will Make You Laugh

Before bringing you this week’s Friday Five, let me warn everyone that I am the girl who can laugh at even the most ridiculous and low-brow of videos. In fact, my friends have been known to play certain Youtube and College Humor videos just so they could see me rolling on the floor laughing. (Yes, I literally ROFL like a five-year-old — apparently that’s entertaining on its own.) Because about half of my friends are computer engineering majors and the other half just happen to enjoy the Internet, we have a pretty wide variety that we like watching. To wish you all a happy and lighthearted weekend, I would like to share some of the videos that will hopefully make you smile.


The Friday Five: Videos That Will Make You Laugh

1. Sassy Gay Friend.
Created by Second City Network, this series of videos poses the question, “How could [insert female literary heroine here]’s tragic fate have been avoided if she had a Sassy Gay Friend?” The Sassy Gay Friend intervenes in various works of Shakespeare and classical literature, as well as some contemporary books and films, and brings some light to an otherwise dark story. Let’s face it — most girls would love to have this guy around to keep themselves from making stupid decisions. All stereotypes aside, these videos are funny because they point out some of the craziness that even the most acclaimed of literature will contain, and if nothing else, will expose you to some of the books and plays you’ve “been meaning to read.” Check out the Romeo & Juliet video; it’s my favorite!


2. Ultimate Dog Tease.
I am obsessed with my two beautiful dogs, as is the rest of the family, so of course we were drawn to this video. Pet lovers will laugh as the dog owner describes the perfect sandwiches to the adorably expectant dog, who is led to believe that the sandwich is for him. For a few days after watching the video, my family’s catchphrase seemed to be, “The maple kind?” If you love animals, especially dogs, chances are you will love this video.


3. Nannerpuss.
Warning: DON’T watch the whole thing! This wasn’t meant to be a particularly funny video, but rather part of a Superbowl commercial for Denny’s that ultimately made its way around the Internet. This is the extended version and although a lot of you will probably find this completely inane, I had to include it because my friends from school who read this blog would be very upset with me if I didn’t. (This is a video they like to play specifically because of my reaction to it; it would be dishonest of me NOT to include it) The extended version goes on with the same thing for 10 minutes, but I’m including that version because it’s the one my friends always get me with. (Don’t judge me, you guys.)


4. Hooked On A Feeling.
This next video is a music video of the song Hooked On A Feeling, remade by the one and only David Hasselhoff. The song is okay, but the awesome special effects and stock footage is what really makes this the best music video ever made. Most of the video makes no sense at all, and I still wonder how and why the Hoff can fly a motorcycle using only his hands. No, you’re not on an acid trip — this is really his video.


5. Legalize Shrooms.
My friends and I fell in love with this video at the beginning of freshman year of college, when we were first getting to know each other, and we still happen to quote lines from it. Originally posted on College Humor, the video features several characters fighting for the legalization of shrooms, and most of them are kind of incoherent. Two years later, my friends and I still claim to be “fading into the wall behind me” and when one of us can’t find our phones, we might say, “I lost my phone but I think it knows where I am.” That probably means that my friends and I are weird, but it’s still a hilarious video!


What videos make you laugh?

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