The Friday Five: Best Friend Edition!

Today is a very special day — my best friend from high school is visiting me at college! It’s always great to have that person who finishes your thoughts and knows exactly how to put a smile on your face. Even after two years away from home, we still keep in touch regularly and make sure to visit each other whenever possible, and I love being able to reminisce with someone who has been there with me through it all. In honor of our friendship, Alexa and I will be blogging together today. Get ready for The Friday Five — Best Friend Edition!


The Friday Five: Things to Do When Your Best Friend Visits

1. Blast the radio and sing along in the car.
Whether you’re into heavy metal or bubblegum pop, there’s always something fun you can rock out to. With your best friend, you don’t have to feel embarrassed or awkward as you belt out Taylor Swift lyrics and pretend you live in her fairy-tale cupcake world. It doesn’t matter where you’re going or what’s playing, as long as you can let loose and enjoy yourselves. It’s a must-do for any college visit.


2. Sit in the food court for hours to catch up and gossip.
Let’s face it — since the last time you saw each other, plenty of things have changed. You each have formed your own separate groups at your respective schools, and thus you have plenty to update each other on since you last spoke on the phone. When chatting with your best friend, you tend to lose track of the time (what do you mean, the mall closes in an hour?) and that is a wonderful feeling.


3. Make plans.
Yes, it’s true that you can have fun for hours on end without making plans. But a Best Friend Visit is a very special occasion, one that requires at least a little bit of planning. Figure out some fun things you can do — hitting up the mall, walking around a nearby park, or make an appearance at a party. You don’t see each other every day, so you have to make it a day/weekend/visit to remember.


4. Take lots of pictures.
You know you wore cute outfits on purpose because you would see each other, so why not capture that on camera? In all seriousness, it’s always great to have some photo documentation of your fun visits together. When you’re older, you can look back on those pictures with a smile and “Remember when?” Alexa and I are constantly reminded of our high school adventures through the pictures we posted on Facebook back then, and I know that when we’re in our mid-twenties, we will be laughing through our photo albums at how silly we were when we were nineteen and twenty.


5. Introduce them to your new friends.
Your old friends want to know that you’re found your place at your new school, just as you want them to fit in well at theirs. A lot of times, they want to meet the people you’re spending time with now, and the people you hang out with now want to know all about what you were like in high school. It’s fun to connect the different people in your life with one another and bring together the past and present.


What do you like to do when your friends visit you from out of town?

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