The End in the Beginning

After six weeks of nonstop note-taking, studying, and socializing in those last spare moments, summer semester is finally over… and as much as I love my life at school, I know that this break (possibly more than all others) was completely necessary. In some ways, the semester has been one of the hardest to get through, but as the week comes to a close, so too does the beginning of a whole new chapter. My first semester of sophomore year has just ended, and yet it opens me — all of us! — up to a brand new start.

The point is, even when it feels like things aren’t going right, we usually still have something to gain. From every failure, mistake, and disappointment, we learn something we never really knew about ourselves. We grow. We change. As long as we’re willing to look past the things we can’t control, then we will be able to face any darkness and let in the light. The idea may sound completely abstract and cliche, but every ending leads to a new beginning, and every new beginning offers a chance for us to achieve something that we we were unable to achieve before.

So try and look back on everything without so much as a sense of regret, but rather a sense of purpose. Learn whatever you can from the time that has passed. Use that knowledge to gain a better idea of who you are as a person and what you want out of life. Take the time to realize that there is a new opportunity out there waiting for you, and get ready to show the world that you are a force to be reckoned with.

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