The Friday Five: Ways To Wrap Up Your Summer

For many of us, Monday marks the beginning of the last week of summer before classes start. In that time, we may go through that mid/end-summer crisis. What do we do with our lives in the short period of time we have left before classes resume?Tweet this!

Today’s Friday Five has just the fix for that. This list has something for everyone — the overachiever, the social butterfly, the humanitarian — you name it!

The Friday Five:  Ways To Wrap Up Your Summer

1. Catch up with old friends.

We all have those friends who we’d love to hang out with but hardly get the chance to see. Maybe we talk to them on Skype or Facebook a little, post the standard “I miss you… WE MUST HANG OUT!” comment on their walls, and ask politely how their lives have been since we last spoke, but the time lapse has kept us from really reaching out and making definite plans. With one week of summer left, it’s time to let go of that. Call up the friend you genuinely miss and haven’t seen since graduation, and then set a time and date to meet… it’s really that simple. If you were friends before, then chances are you’ll still have a lot to talk about and the conversations won’t lapse too much. Besides, it’s oddly refreshing to meet up with old friends — it can be exciting to see where they’ve ended up, how much has changed, and how much has actually stayed the same.


2. Undergo a mini-transformation.

What matters the most is what’s on the inside… but little changes here and there never hurt anybody! It can be fun to update your current look and try out new styles. So go on that shopping spree to play with your wardrobe (especially during the tax free holiday till August 15!), or get that impulsive haircut (hopefully not too impulsive, though – I just chopped off five inches and am now in mourning!), or give yourself a fun manicure. Guys, feel free to experiment with facial hair as well… as long as you keep in mind your girlfriend’s opinions of your new beard. 😛


3. Do something for a good cause.

It doesn’t matter if you are required to fulfill a certain number of volunteer hours or not — you can always benefit from doing service for the community. If you’re looking for a way to spend some time before you head back to school, find a group or organization that means something to you, and get involved right away! As soon as I get back to Orlando, I’m hoping to attend a volunteer orientation for Give Kids the World before classes start, because of all the beauty I have seen in the work they do. Volunteer work can really change your life, and it’s always nice to do something positive for other people.


4. Get ahead before classes begin.

This one might not sound so appealing at first, but the inner-dork in me knows just how helpful it can be. You don’t have to do anything too extensive to get ready… just peruse your new textbooks or make sure you fully understand your summer reading. Do what you can to ensure that you’re aware of class expectations for the upcoming semester/year. It’s always good to be ahead!


5. Take time for yourself.

Maybe you don’t want to squeeze a lot of action into one week, and that’s totally fine. Sometimes it’s better to relax and spend some time alone, instead of stressing yourself out with too full an itinerary (there’s always the school year for that!). For those looking for zen time, grab a book and lay out by the pool. Sleep in. Go for a run. Write music. Do what makes you happy, and don’t worry about pleasing others right now. Take some time for you… it’s not selfish when it’s something you really need, and then you can feel completely refreshed when the year officially begins.

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