5 Tips For Being Classier and More Grown Up (Part 2)


Back in June, I wrote a post for twenty-somethings about the transition to adulthood and some of the steps we can take in making that transition. With graduation just around the corner for many of us, it is important to polish ourselves for the working world or whatever will come next. This week, I would like to discuss five more tips for college students that will help them continue to grow!

5 Tips For Being Classier and More Grown Up (Part 2)

1. Let others share the spotlight.

Friendships and relationships should be mutually beneficial, never completely one-sided. However, if you use everyone in your life as an adviser, personal stylist or confidante, and never return the favor, then you aren’t offering much to the friendship/relationship. Ask people about how they are doing and pay attention to their needs in addition to your own.

2. Stop cursing so much!

It’s something that a lot of us are guilty of – myself included – but excessive profanity just isn’t pretty, especially in a public setting around strangers or people you don’t know well. You can let your guard down around friends, but be careful about what you say when you aren’t around the people closer to you. Class up your act with a tad fewer four-letter words.

3. Respond to emails promptly.

There is nothing worse than sending an important email to a coworker, team member or anyone else from whom you need a quick answer, and then waiting a thousand years for a response. A lot of people will argue that “I don’t really check my email,” but as you get into the professional world, it becomes more and more imperative that you check email regularly and respond to people in a timely manner. Many people have to work on deadlines, and your late reply might set them back.

4. Dress appropriately for different occasions.

I’ve talked about this in greater detail before, but it is important to present yourself well and know what is proper for different events. You don’t need an unrealistically extensive wardrobe, but having a few options for “cocktail attire” or “business casual” makes life a whole lot easier. I’m a firm believer in putting effort into your appearance even if you don’t have crazy plans for the day, because it can boost your own confidence when you leave the house.

5. Know what little things will hold you together in a crisis.

Have outlets and use them. Things won’t always be perfect, but finding a mature way to handle them and making that outlet as accessible as possible is necessary for holding yourself together. Be aware of those small comforts, and utilize them to avoid doing something potentially harmful or hurting someone you care about.

What are some of your tips?

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  1. I find having a really spectacularly, successful, funny, witty and driven roommate can help to ground you when life gets tough <3

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