The Friday Five: Best Posts of the Week

As a writer and blogger, I have always felt that the only way you can create quality content is by reading quality content from other writers. Because I am subscribed to a lot of different blogs varying in subject matter, I constantly find interesting, funny and thought-provoking posts throughout the Internet. For this week’s Friday Five, I have gathered some of my favorite blog posts from the past seven days, now available for your viewing pleasure. 🙂 Enjoy!


The Friday Five: Best Posts of the Week

1. Lessons From The Backstabber (The Utterings and Mutterings of a B.A.G. Lady)
The film Something Borrowed didn’t just inspire my own blog, but the blog of one of my close friends (with whom I watched the movie!) as well. Beth’s post about the chick flick takes a more positive approach, analyzing what lessons we can take away from Rachel’s (Ginnifer Goodwin) story line. The post is introspective and well-written, and will definitely give you something to think about.


2. Motivating Mondays: Charlie Sheen (Stop Being a Loser)
Okay, so usually we don’t find the words “Charlie Sheen” and “motivate” in the same sentence, unless that sentence is something along the lines of “The recent antics of Charlie Sheen motivated the young boy to stop using drugs.” However, the ladies of Stop Being a Loser give the crazed actor a fun twist. Among his bizarre interviews, there are a few (dare I say it?) motivating quotes from Charlie Sheen. Go take a look — he may surprise you, tiger blood and all!


3. George Lucas Strikes Back (The AV Club)
Before I introduce this link, I have to admit that I did enjoy the prequel Star Wars movies. (I know, blasphemy!) Like everyone else, I cringe any time Jar Jar Binks comes onto the screen, but for the most part I really liked Episodes I through III. Having said that, I couldn’t help but laugh while watching this trailer, entitled George Lucas Strikes Back, in which George Lucas is locked up for 20 years while an imposter releases the newer films, and seeks revenge for their poor quality. Star Wars nerds will feel a bit more at ease after watching this trailer, as if the old trilogy has been avenged.


4. Literary Characters Who Should Be Tweeting (Flavor Wire)
Not only is this an awesome concept, but it gives me more ideas of books to read. (I can always use more — I’m running behind!)
I can think of a few literary characters of my own whose Tweets might be interesting: Elizabeth Bennett from Pride and Prejudice, the inappropriate nurse from Romeo and Juliet, everyone from the Harry Potter books, and the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. Check out the list and try to think of some of your own!


5. Advice at 18 (The Frenemy)
I love this blog anyway, but this post really made me think. Like the title suggests, the writer includes advice that she would have given her 18-year-old self. I was 18 nearly three years ago, which doesn’t feel like very long, and I often wonder what I would have told my younger self if given the chance. Some of this is great advice period, no matter how old you are.


What are some of your favorite reads from the week?

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