The Friday Five: Must-Read Blogs

Ever since my blogging adventures began in April, I’ve tried to become better acquainted with the blogosphere by reading other blogs whenever I have the chance. While some included real world advice to fit a particular niche or audience, others provided smiles and uncontrollable laughter. Today, I would like to commemorate five of these blogs for all of the insights and entertainment they have provided for me. Have a look and read them yourself!


The Friday Five: Must-Read Blogs

1. Smart, Pretty and Awkward.
For anyone looking for ways to be smarter, prettier and less awkward, this site is for you! Every day, Molly (the genius behind Smart, Pretty and Awkward) posts a memorable quote and three tips relating to those topics. It’s a quick read, but reliable — she always has great ideas to help readers improve their etiquette in the workplace and beyond, as well as interesting articles and websites to check out.


2. The Jersey Circus.
When Jersey Shore meets Family Circus comic strips, you get Jersey Circus. It’s exactly what it sounds like: screenshots of the wholesomeΒ Family Circus, captioned with quotes from Jersey Shore. Some of the comics are so ridiculous that they kept my roommate and me laughing for hours the night we discovered them.


3. Simple. Organized. Life.
Sometimes it feels like we could all use a break from the clutter that surrounds our lives. Meet Simple. Organized. Life. – a blog dedicated to the reduction of such clutter and the introduction of simplicity. Even if you use it for just a few tips here and there, the blog can be extremely helpful and provide great organizational ideas.


4. Oh She Glows.
As I’ve learned in my eight months in the blogosphere, the Internet is a wonderful place for food blogs. Angela, the writer of Oh She Glows, provides a unique perspective on how to live a healthy lifestyle. Whether you choose read it for the cool vegan recipes (try the Snickerdoodles, seriously!) or the introspective and uplifting discussions on food and body image, you will certainly gain from this innovative and upbeat food blog.


5. Hyperbole and a Half.
Originally introduced to me by my roommate, Hyperbole and a Half is a hilarious blog written and illustrated by Allie, who tells elaborate stories about her childhood, dogs and various situations she encounters. The stories are humorously told and depicted, and you can’t help but smile when reading them.


I’m not sure if my blurbs really do these blogs justice, so go and read them for yourself! πŸ™‚ What kinds of blogs do you find yourselves reading on a regular basis?

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