The Friday Five: Signs That Your School Is Too Big!

No matter where you go to school, the college you attend in the summer is never really the same college you attend in the fall. The whole dynamic changes — life becomes a lot faster-paced and the campus comes alive when everyone returns from home and gets back to business. For me, it was easy to forget that I attend one of the largest universities in the country, but now that the new semester has begun, I am quickly reminded of the 50,000 other students who also call this place home.

After a hectic week of readjusting to the craziness that comes with such a lifestyle, I bring you a brand new (very, very light) Friday Five! (So sorry for missing last week again!)


The Friday Five: Signs That Your School Is Too Big!

1. You miss your first class because you can’t find a parking space.


2. You can’t decide what organization you should join for pre-med because there are 10 on campus already.


3. You have to wait in line at the on-campus book store to pick up the same textbook more than once.


4. At 12:15 am, you go online to sign up for today’s Zumba class, which opened at midnight, to find that it’s already full.


5. You meet that nice guy in your sociology class one day and then never see him again!


Personally, I love the big school I attend, although I can see how a small school would have its merits as well. What kind of school do you attend, and what do you prefer?

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