It’s official: I’m a podcaster! I recently launched the Wellness and Wanderlust podcast, a show where we’ll explore wellness topics and talk about ways to add more adventure into our lives. Tune in every Thursday for interviews with incredible guests. Some weeks, I’ll share solo episodes, where I get more raw and real about my own journey. I hope you’ll join me!

Please see below for my library of episodes. You can also click to listen!

Have an idea for an episode or want to be a guest? Email me at valerie@wellnessandwanderlust.net.

Where to Find Us


  1. 15 Lessons of Adulthood
  2. Self-Care and Mindfulness During COVID-19 with Yentl Lega
  3. Finding Your Inner Solo Traveler with Jennifer Huber
  4. Remote Work Tips from a Digital Nomad with Asia Faoro
  5. Taking Your Brand to the Next Level with Whitney Gonzalez
  6. Navigating Wellness Through Spirituality with Amy Lauren Greenfield
  7. Creating a Well Done Life with Pamela Davis
  8. Building a Consistent Fitness Routine with Maddy Crouch
  9. Living Joyfully as a Qualitarian with Kristine Palkowetz
  10. The Power of Mentorship with Kelly Astro
  11. Healthy Living During the Holiday Season
  12. Honoring Your Body Through Chronic Illness with Gina Martorana
  13. Getting Organized for the New Year with Cynthia Velasco
  14. Setting Boundaries, Finding Joy and Wrapping Up 2020
  15. Lifting Happily Ever After with Katie Canterbury
  16. How to Score Free Travel through Travel Hacking with Julia Menez
  17. Living a More Eco-Friendly and Minimalist Life with Kayla Rogers
  18. Healing Our Bodies From the Inside Out with Christina Kantzavelos
  19. Boosting Your Immune System Through Algae with Catharine Arnston
  20. Balancing Joy and Success with Joychiever Tracy LaLonde
  21. Dealing With Imposter Syndrome
  22. Learning to Trust Ourselves with Jen Glantz
  23. How We Can Empower Young Women with Lindsey Turnbull
  24. Dumping Our HeadTrash and Ending Self-Sabotage with Renie Cavallari
  25. Raising Our Vibration Through Sound Healing with Caroline Batoff
  26. Optimizing Our Health Through Biohacking with Miray Tayfun
  27. Using a Ketogenic Diet To Power Through Cancer Treatment with Martha Tettenborn
  28. Things to Do in Spokane, Washington with Melissa Berry
  29. Traveling Within Through Meditation with Jessica Bartolini
  30. The Nutrition Advice No One Ever Taught Us with Jenn Trepeck
  31. Fostering Gender Equality through Health Education with Pavita Singh
  32. Finding Inspiration and Meaning in Our Work with Tina Berger
  33. Building Relationships and Creating Community with Alyse Quinn
  34. How To Create Healthy Habits That Stick with Taylor Lawrence
  35. Motherhood, Adoption and Changing Careers at 44 with Bridget Pepe
  36. Rediscovering Your Inner Power in Difficult Times with Hailima Yates
  37. Transforming Your Soul Through Art with Michelle Sakhai
  38. Overcoming Emotional Eating and Ditching Diets with Shari Broder
  39. How to Strengthen Our Romantic Relationships with Zac Stern
  40. How Service Dogs Change Veterans’ Lives with Lauren Davis
  41. Pursuing Progress Over Perfection with Dan and Shanda Sullivan
  42. Building Healthy Money Habits and Financial Success with Jonathan Verhaeghe
  43. A Holistic Approach to Health with Luke Marshall
  44. Finding Your Inner Strength Through Adversity with Kelly Lewis
  45. How to Improve Our Body Image with Alayna Curry
  46. Healing Your Gut Health with Dr. Marvin Singh
  47. Navigating a Toxic Workplace Culture with Jana Morrin
  48. Improving Our Health Through Sea Moss with Karen Mitchell
  49. Self-Care Rituals and Hormone Support with Devon Loftus and Jenna Radomski
  50. Connecting to Your Higher Self with Nanette Hucknall
  51. Celebrating Our Healthcare Heroes with Bansi Lakhani
  52. One Year Anniversary Celebration + Ask Me Anything!
  53. Using Mindfulness to Overcome Stress and Burnout with Dr. Lisa Nezneski
  54. Combining Luxury and Comfort with Erika Carrero
  55. How Women Can Elevate Their Careers with Heather Odendaal
  56. How Temperature Can Affect Sleep with Jason Elliott
  57. Healing and Releasing Trauma with Shalev Amar
  58. Interior Design for Your Overall Wellness with Carrie Leskowitz
  59. Leading With Empathy with Erin Thorp
  60. Embracing Spontaneity in Our Travels with Marcia Simon
  61. Cultivating Gratitude and Mindfulness in Your Life with Andrew Jordan Nance