October Wellness Challenge: Go For a Walk Every Day

Happy October! We still have many sweltering Florida afternoons ahead of us, but dare I say that the mornings and evenings are starting to feel like autumn? 🙂 This may be wishful thinking in a state that doesn’t really experience traditional seasons (we have Lovebug Season, Fingers-Crossed-for-a-Cold-Front Season, and IT’S-F#$%ING-HOT Season), but I really do love this time of the year. Break out the pumpkins, apples, and Halloween décor!

As you may have noticed from the title of this post, I’ve decided to launch a monthly wellness challenge here at Wellness & Wanderlust to help everyone on their way to a healthier life. I’m all about taking the time to make small, sustainable changes to develop daily habits in your routine. Each month, we’ll embark on a new wellness challenge to make our lives a little healthier. Follow along on the blog and on my Instagram, and feel free to share your own experiences using the hashtag #WellnessAndWanderlust. I’d love to know what you’re up to!

Wellness & Wanderlust Monthly Challenge: Walk Every Day

I’d like to mosey into October with something simple: Take a walk each day. Commit to just 15 minutes of walking outside at your own pace. I’ve started doing this every morning before work — as soon as I get up, I put on my sneakers, grab my headphones, hit play on one of my favorite podcasts, and head out the door.

Being outside in the mornings — even just for 15 minutes — has truly made a difference in the way I begin my day. I can take that time to breathe in the fresh air, reflect on the day ahead, and enjoy a few quiet moments to myself before the craziness begins. I find that after my walks, I’m much more alert and productive throughout the day, even on limited hours of sleep. I have also noticed that when I take a short morning walk, I often crave a longer afternoon or evening walk as well.

Friends constantly ask me: how do you have time to do this every morning? If there’s one thing I feel like I’m short on, it’s time, and I often say that I wish there were more hours in the day so that I could do everything I want to do. But in this case, this daily walk is all about prioritization. It is only 15 minutes each day. It may mean 15 minutes not spent catching up on my DVR or indulging in one of my other guilty pleasures. It may mean waking up 15 minutes earlier. But the pros far outweigh the cons, and having a clear head when I start my day is worth the time not spent doing something else.

Just set aside 15 minutes — 15 minutes of movement that you would not have gotten otherwise. The time of day is entirely up to you. For some people, a morning walk might not be feasible, but a walk after work or during a lunch break might be a better fit. Share your experiences on Instagram using #WellnessAndWanderlust and #OctoberWellnessChallenge, and don’t forget to drop a comment. 🙂

Hope you all will join me this month!

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