The Friday Five: Reasons NOT to Post a Friday Five

Between classes, internships, club meetings, a social life and attempts to sleep, it can be difficult to finish blogs on time. Because of this, bloggers may occasionally neglect their weekly and monthly regulars. My Friday Fives have been no exception! Having skipped three weeks because of time constraints, I would like to dedicate this post to the reasons why a blogger (perhaps this specific blogger!) might miss a post or two. Enjoy!

The Friday Five: Reasons NOT to Post a Friday Five

1. The homework for your online class is due on Friday nights and you always wait until the last minute on those.


2. You were getting ready for a theme party and put more thought into your costume than your WordPress.


3. You were packing to leave for Spring Break.


4. You were packing to return from Spring Break.


5. Your life is so hectic that you’ve simply forgotten what day of the week it is.


Sorry to everyone for neglecting this segment! 🙂 I will try to make these a bigger blogging priority!

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