Your Life in the Tabloids

For most of us, our lives aren’t part of a segment on E! News. We don’t have to throw on sunglasses as we leave the house with no makeup on, for fear of being recognized and stalked by paparazzi. We don’t see our pictures on the covers of tabloids every time we hang out with a member of the opposite sex, plastered with headlines like “Are They or Aren’t They?” or “_____’s Secret Love Interest.” We don’t do interviews and photoshoots with Vanity Fair or Rolling Stone, only to have our words dissected by every celebrity news blogger and their mothers.

In other words, as average teens and twenty-somethings, we can safely say that our personal lives are not out there for the world to see.

And yet, many people just don’t see this as the case. Instead of sharing the more important details privately with their closest friends, they leak their entire life stories to complete strangers, and by the end of the day, we learn enough information to write a comprehensive Wikipedia bio on them.

Why do we feel the need to overshare? We do this not only in person in front of people we’ve hardly even met, but through social media outlets as well. Through Twitter and Facebook, I have learned on multiple occasions about who was spending the night at whose apartment, and play-by-play accounts of others’ relationships. We have all been known to post an inappropriate status from time to time, but when all you live for is to see others’ reactions to your words, it becomes a bit much.

It may be difficult to keep the private things private (as in, among yourself, those it concerns, and your closest friends) because of the nature of social media and the way it encourages us to spill everything. In addition, even if you only keep to a few people, you may have friends who will make sure your secrets will come out in time for the next Gossip Girl blast. However, when we do have the chance, we should be mindful of what we say in public and how it can be misconstrued by those wandering ears or the extra people our friends bring along.

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