The Friday Five: Biggest Internet Time Wasters

Okay, I get it. We’re in college and have barely enough time to sleep, finish our homework, study for tests, go to club meetings, eat, spend time with our friends and breathe. Why would we ever want to waste what little time we do have to play around on the Internet and thus lose productivity?

Of course, this reasoning doesn’t really work, because here we are on the Internet right now! Naturally, we find ways to distract ourselves from what we absolutely must do, and who can really blame us? We need the ability to de-stress every once in a while, and the World Wide Web is capable of just that.

Ever since I started college, my friends from home have referred to me as an Internet nerd, and so I would like to channel that nerd into today’s entry. (By the way… it’s still Friday somewhere!)

The Friday Five: Biggest Internet Time Wasters

1. Comixed
Comixed is pretty much exactly what it sounds like — a site updated daily with comic panels appealing to everyone’s inner-geek. Whether you’re a Star Wars/Star Trek fan, you laugh at the Xzibit meme or you just happen to love the funny things that people do with Photoshop, at Comixed you are in for a treat… or perhaps 20 pages of treats…


2. Akinator, The Web Genius
Pick a character, any character. It can be from literature, television, film… you name it, and Akinator will, in an up-to-date 20-questions style, figure out who your character is. It’s fun to try and determine what Akinator will and won’t be able to properly guess, and you may ultimately end up finding yourself playing the game for hours. Fun, yet highly addictive.


3. StumbleUpon
StumbleUpon lets you jump back and forth between websites of interest from all across the Internet. Through this page, I’ve discovered recipes, sites that describe what Stormtroopers do on their days off, and other pages that are not only intriguing, but lead to subsequent discoveries of pages that can help you waste time effectively.


4. TV Tropes
The Accidental Kiss? Got that. Just Friends? Seen that. And Ladykiller In Love? Possibly the most aww-worthy thing you’ll ever see on TV, even if it is completely unrealistic at times. TV Tropes categorizes those various themes and stock characters we constantly run across in literature, television, movies and video games, and once you find one that applies to your favorite works (or your own works!) you’ll be scrolling down for more… and eventually guessing them on your own!


5. Sporcle
For a fun race-against-the-clock kind of game that will keep you up for hours, try Sporcle. These “mentally stimulating diversions” include queries such as characters from The Office, most popular names of certain decades, and authors of certain literary works. The games are fun and fast-paced, and once you play one, you’ll want to try them all.

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